Arissa and linnell

The way of convection works

If the tempetuer of the air inside the ballon will descend convection ,radiation ,and conduction are the three major modevs of heat transfer.


convection and radiation

Convection is the transfer of the heat thruoght the movment of fluid.If a pocket of air is heated it will rise because its less dense than the surrondings air


If fluids such as water when heated. The molecules , that can make up the fluids get energy to move quickly and rapidly .If a substance heats and grows bigger , it becomes less dense. IF a substance cools also contracts , It can become more dense convection is hard to see. however if you carefully see a hot pot of heated water you can carefully see a hot pot of heated water.You can clearly see how convection is very important to part earths system . convection also drives the movement of tectonic plates