How has basketball changed

Kolby H. Fenn

Equipement, Rules, Coaching

Basketball has equipped its own gear to use. It has a 10 foot high hoop that has a metal rim and a glass backboard. It has an ark around the outside called a three point line if you are behind that line and shoot and make it it is 3 points. If you are on the inside of that line and shoot and score then it is 2 points.


1. Sag: When defenders move away from their opponents toward the basket that is being defended.

Used in a sentence: Being helpful, the defender sagged so he could help his teammate play defense on the offender.

2. Field Goal: A goal scored from open play (as opposed to a free throw) worth 2 or 3 points depending on where the shooter was standing when he or she took the shot.

Used in a sentence: The crowd roared louder than an elephant as the player scored a 3 point field goal.

3. "V" Cut: An attack move. The player takes two or three steps forward and then changes direction to move out and receive a pass. By doing this, the player moves in a "V" shape.

Used in a sentence: The player did a "V" cut and got open, he received a pass and made the shot to win the game.


I can connect with how basketball has changed because, James Morris School has gotten better since Mr. Chapman has gotten hired. Our school has changed into a more organized school. Just like basketball how it has changed to a more organized and better sport over time. That is how I can connect with how basketball has changed and how JMS has changed.
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