No Breath Holding Contests

Grace, Ryan, and Nathan

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Why do we need this rule?

  • The lifeguards may not know if you are joking or if you are not.
  • You could accidentally inhale water and drown.

How would we educate?

  • Have signs posted stating no breath holding contests.
  • Have lifeguards informing and enforcing the rules.

Two ways to enforce this rule

Which option is the best?

Option one is the best because the Lifeguard explains what they are doing wrong, what rule they are breaking, and why they are breaking this rule. Option two isn't a very good one because the Lifeguard is being rude and doesn't tell the people why they are in trouble.

What happens when you don't obey these rules?

  1. You get a warning
  2. The second time they have to leave the facility for the day.
  3. If they keep breaking the same rule continuously every time they come to the Facility they will be asked to not come back to the Facility.