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👻 October 27th!

Witching You a Happy Halloween!

💀 Why didn’t the skeleton go to the Halloween party?
– Because he had no-body to go with!

⚰️ How can you tell if a vampire has a cold?
– Because of the coffin!

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Friday, October 28 - No School Enjoy your weekend!

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🧟‍♀️ More Spooky Stuff 💀

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Conservation and ProStart Cross Curricular Educational Opportunity

On October 13, students in Mrs. Fair's Conservation class along with students in Mrs. Conway's ProStart class partnered up for a local cross-curricular educational opportunity. Students were able to learn fishing skills from hometown expert fisherman Tom Howland. He shared his knowledge, expertise, and his local pond and tackle to educate students about the sport of fishing. Topics of discussion included: types of fishing knots, types of bait and tackle, fishing techniques and locations, fishing technologies, the process of cleaning fish, the scholarship opportunities connected with bass fishing

and more. The fish students caught were cleaned and Tom also donated some of his personal fish for the students to cook. The following Monday, the students involved gathered in Mrs. Conway's classroom to learn the techniques of deep-frying fish. The ProStart students also made homemade potato chips and tartar sauce to have a fish and chips meal. We would like to thank Tom once again for this amazing educational opportunity.

Art Exploration K-5

Kinders are working on lines and colors with the first letter of their first name.

1st grade is working with numbers and color theory to make an abstract artwork

2nd grade just finished learning about morse code. They also created their own morse code and finished it with a watercolor painting.

3rd grade has begun a symmetrical work of art. We did research on different ancient languages that used pictographs. Now we are incorporating those images into our symmetrical animals.

4th Grade- have begun a multistep process starting with mixing colors with white to get different tones. These colors are painted on a paper that will become a "Blanket", we will also be doing some printmaking processes as well as impressions before this project wraps up with a collage.

5th grade has begun the process of making 3D stuffed versions of the monsters that the Kinders drew.

Tyler Sprung testing out safety equipment at NIACC college visit day

NIACC Building Trades Vist

Juniors to NIACC for College Visit

Sixteen juniors were among the 1700 students attending NIACC for their annual explore day. Students signed up to visit three different classes they were interested in spending 30 minutes with the instructor and current students. Lunch was served and door prizes were awarded. The gran finale was a concert by The Pork Tornadoes.

Elementary Bookblast Fundraiser

Thank you again for all your support on our Bookblast Fundraiser! We raised $10,930.00!! Each student in the Elementary will take home a new book and Our teachers earned $2,079.00 for new classroom books and supplies!

Way to go Wildcats!!!

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JMC Winter Athletic Update

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Principal Squared

Heather Suckow PK-12 Principal

Marcia Grimm Associate Principal

Barb Schwamman Superintendant