Tuesday Tech Thoughts

Beth Rihtar-- Instructional Tech Coach, Park Ridge, Illinois

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Power Up for PARCC with Connect Ed!

ConnectEd-MHE has a great 20 week supplement as part of your teacher materials called "Power Up for PARCC". These supplemental materials pose problems in formats that support the PARCC question format. Even though the PARCC doesn't start until Grade 3, the Power Up for PARCC materials are in all of our books. Just log in to your ConnectEd account, select your book, and then search "PARCC" in the upper right. There are supplemental materials, answers, study guides, etc.

Graphic Organizers

I used to crib together worksheets, staff paper, tests etc. with paper, tape and glue. I wished I had Google Drawing then! Using Google Drawing, you can quickly create graphic organizers, templates, etc., for use with your students. Here's a great blog that I read that actually gives you a link to a bunch of FREE graphic organizers that you can add to your Drive and then make a copy to edit for your needs. Thanks to Matt Miller at www.ditchthattextbook.com!

Flip Out!

Have you ever flipped a lesson? (Create a video/screencast for students to watch as "homework", and then work on your problem sets in class.) Flipped lessons are easy to make, and can be a great tool for your students. On October 6, 2015, classes all over the world are participating in a Flipped Lesson day to promote this initiative. Consider participating by creating a lesson or using a curated lesson from flippedclass.com to be a part of this special event! Let me know if you'd like to set up a meeting to make a screencast or video.
Join our D64 21st Century Learning Google+ Community!

Make sure you have a G+ set up.. this is a great way to communicate with others and grow your PLN!

Beth Rihtar

Job-embedded professional development; talks to teachers about tech integration, best practices, efficiency, 4Cs; bassist for the Northwest Symphony Orchestra; teacher of 20 years.