Influence for the modern world.

The Comanche Tribe By: Shelby Rapert

Fast Food (Literally)

The Comanche tribe were nomads; that means they were always moving. The reason they were moving was for food. Buffalo are always moving. so, when the buffalo moved, so did the Comanche.

In order to move quickly, they had to live in tepees. This is an example of the housing ways for the Comanche. These were really easy to take apart and put back together at a moment's notice. It really is FAST FOOD!

Leader V.S. ... Who?

The Comanche tribe also had a government. For their government, they decided to have one chief to be the leader. This leader had the responsibility to protect their tribe. They had a very short temper when other tribes or the white men stole their buffalo (or their only source of food.) They are the ones you don't want to find in the middle of nowhere alone!

They Wear What?!

The Comanche tribe didn't wear the same clothes as we do today. They didn't think they had to cover up everywhere. They only wore loin pieces where they absolutely had to.

In the winter, the climate was cold so they wore buffalo (from their food) skins. It helped them stay warm while they were moving around.

Poof, Poof!

The Comanche were believers in both good and bad spirits, their religion was known as Meager.

When the Comanche met up with each other for counsel or praying matters , they would start off with the pipe smoking ceremony. The first puff would be for the Great Spirit.

The Comanche had their own form of the sun dance, but it was performed at regular intervals throughout the year. When the ghost dance movement swept across the plains in 1890, the Comanche did not participate.

Not so native texans

Believe it or not, The Comanche tribe was actually from Wyoming! The Comanches were almost as new to Texas as the Spanish. They came from way up north from Wyoming. I know it sounds crazy but it's true!

They changed!

The Comanche tribe had to adapt by hunting/ traveling for food. they didn't have a choice. it was literally do or die time. their main source of food ( the buffalo ) were always moving. So, The Comanche tribe had to adapt to survive.

My Tribe is better than yours! 😉

I (personally) think that the Comanche tribe was THE best tribe of its time because it was very influential tribe. In fact, we still use some of the ways of the Comanche tribe. Although, they were the most scary tribe. Compared to the Jumano, they were evil.