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What is a trap?

The hydraulic trap is an accessory used in all fixtures (sink, sink, bath, shower, dishwasher, washing machine,...) which is placed in the piping between the appliance and its exhaust. It is a small tank that should, in case of operation, be constantly filled up with water.Emergency Plumber Raleigh This small amount of water comes to barrier inside the pipe and prevents air circulation, and therefore back from the sewers or septic tank odors.

A siphon is also used to retrieve (small food, hair, dirt,...) waste seeping into the drain. When they pass into the trap, they are stuck at the bottom and can no longer go back, because they are heavier than water. Therefore, it is important to empty the trap regularly.

Trap problem

If you have a smell that goes from your fixture, it is very likely that it comes from the trap. If it is not emptied regularly, waste accumulate and can cause unpleasant odours. The CAP can also prevent water from flowing normally in the pipes. In these cases, the solution is to disassemble the trap to clean. To do this, it may be appropriate to place a bucket under the trap before disassembling, because water will flow in. Be very careful when removing the siphon to do not damage seals under risk of water leakage. Once disassembled, just empty and clean carefully before putting it back in its place. Click Here

If the water flows, there is a leak on your trap should certainly change the gasket which can wear out over time. The process is almost the same as for the cleaning of the siphon: put a bowl, remove carefully, put a new gasket for the trap (size and shape), and then reassemble it. If the model is too old, it is often advisable to change to avoid a break.

Change a siphon

Our Raleigh plumber can replace you all types of traps:

Washbasin trap

Sink trap

Bathtub drain

Shower drain

Install you a good quality model that corresponds to your installation and at the best price, for example mark Valentine. Plumbing Service Raleigh For troubleshooting or replacement of drain,