Hernan Cortez

Learn about some of his voyages and what happened to him.

The person who financed his voyages

The person who financed his voyages was deigo Velazquez

How he died

Hernan Cortez disobeyed an order and so when the people who are in charge found out that he disobeyed an order they sent over a troop to go capture him but he quickly fleed and when he returned home he did not look like a hero he was a criminal for disobeying an order from the his bosses he was going to have a trial but he got lucky. But he should have savored his luck because everything went south quickly. Because when he wanted to go to Mexico he died of pleurisy on the trip.

Why he is so Significant

So the reason why he is so Significant in history is because of the fact that he conquered the Aztecs. some people are so excited about that but I say why take over just for gold I bet thar if he hadn't of tooken overy the empire they would have been a great civilization.

Conquered the Aztecs

When Hernan Cortez disobeyed the order to go to Mexico he was going to techinochitan to take over the Aztecs. He may have took over the Aztecs but the people in charge found out and sent a troop to arrest him but he quickly fleed and then fought off the troop and conquered the Aztecs. Then when he went back to techinochitan to find out a rebellion against him he was captured.
Hernan Cortes Biography
Hernán Cortés - Mini Biography

EQ answer

This explorer influenced me because of Hernan Cortez going over and found a lot of riches and I would like to have that much riches. I would like to find that and be rich but the fact that he conquered the Aztecs, I don't like. The Aztecs were such a cool civilization. I love the Aztecs. I think they are so cool.

I think what influenced me was the fact that the Aztecs were involved. I think Hernan Cortez would have been in a longer life if he hadn't of taken a trip to Mexico.