Coding 4-5A

MP3 Week 3

All Originals Week!

Virtual Lesson Recording

  • Watch the Virtual Lesson Recording if you did not attend chat!
  • Click the link below to watch the Virtual Lesson Recording!
Virtual Lesson Recording

There is no Question of the Week for this week's recording!

Share Your Project

  • Create your own project & share it on our "All Originals" class studio!
  • Click the link below to go to the All Originals class studio!
All Originals Class Studio Link

Click the link to post in the studio!

Need Help? Need ideas?

  • If you are new to the class or need help getting started click the ? for help!
  • Check out the pictures below to see where to find the ? for help in Scratch!

Have fun! Be Creative! No Remixes!

See you in cyberspace!