Mandela & DeKlerk's Equal Rights

By Aiden C. Miller

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How Nelson Mandela and DeKlerk create equal rights

The rights in south Africa were not equal. Apartheid was every where. Black south Africans were getting treated badly and all the whites got everything they wanted. All this kept on going until Nelson Mandela and F.W.DeKlerk created equal rights for the black south Africans. This is how it happened... "We want equal political rights; when protest was outlawed, we chose sabotage." Mandela said. with his partner F.W.Deklerk they fought apartheid to let black south Africans have rights. Frederik Willem de Klerk(that was his full name) was the seventh and last State President of apartheid-era South Africa, serving from September 1989 to May 1994. F.W.DeKlerk was also leader of the National Party from February 1989 to September 1997.together they ended apartheid with the ANC (African National Congress) and Defiance Campaign. That was the end of apartheid and Mandela and Deklerk won!