Home of the first Quaker but not the oats

The "city of brotherly love"

First off the land was named after William Penn, "Penn"sylvania. The most inhabited colony was called Philadelphia, and the was Greek for the "city of brotherly love." This is what Penn wanted his colony to be all about; but also orderly growth of farming villages, neatly laid out along river, and mapped out settlements of the city along a grid.

My part of town

My name is Earl, and I was shipped over from England. Being a Quaker wasn't accepted there, and I knew I couldn't stay. Where would I go?... I eventually heard what happened to William Penn, who was a nothing short of a noble, and he was moved the New World. I thought to myself maybe I could be accepted in his new colony, because he wouldn't imprison a fellow Quaker. So I smuggled myself onto a ship rumored to set sail to the New World. I took my chances and it paid off. I made it, and not only found a home but also a community. I was a very organized colony, and the farmlands were set up near rivers, and had orderly growth in farming villages. The only thing I noticed which concerned me a bit, was that there seemed to be villages or sections of land where people all spoke the same language or had the same religious beliefs. They were all secluded from each other, and didn't seem very unified. I noticed that I was too part of this, all us Quakers were in our own community. I just hope things change, and we become unified. We need a structured government, and make sure everyone has a say so that everyone makes a difference.

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