Project 1

Using Pinterest to Aggregate Classroom Resources

Instructor Information

Instructor Name Linda Wapelhorst

Course Name Instructional Technology

Course Number ED222

Curriculum Framing Questions

Essential Question: How can an instructor gather and organize classroom teaching resources?

Content/Unit Questions:
    • How can an instructor establish a PLN (Personal Learning Network)
    • Where can an instructor locate teaching resources?
    • How can an instructor organize teaching resources?
    • Why should instructors share teaching and learning resources?

Unit Summary

The power of Pinterest lies in the capacity to curate collected teaching and learning resources. Users share their voice and unique insights by collecting items and adding commentary. Although Pinterest is not nearly as prominent as Twitter and Facebook, it is used by a wide range of professionals and organizations. Knowing how to effectively communicate on Pinterest is an important part of developing a broad social media literacy. Watch this video to learn more about Pinterest:
What is Pinterest

Subjects Area(s)

Education and Technology

Grade Level

Pre-Service Teachers/Post Secondary Education

Lesson Objectives:

  1. To recognize the value of Pinterest as a communication mechanism.
  2. To develop proficiency in curating information on Pinterest by finding your voice and learning to draft effective boards.
  3. To apply educational concepts while using Pinterest.
  4. To share findings, observations and critiques about teaching and learning resources on Pinterest.


I hope you will enjoy using Pinterest, which is a bookmarking tool that allows you to keep track of things you find online — images, videos, webpages, anything you want to keep track of. It's a tool that I find really useful, and I hope you will find it useful too. I hope you will enjoy using your own Pinterest Boards as bookmarking tools to keep track of materials for this class.

Set up at least two Pinterest Boards and give it a try. Your boards must deal with technology in the classroom but you can choose any grade level or subject you wish. Some of you may already be using Pinterest, which is great; if you already have a Pinterest account, just create two new Boards to use for this class.

STEP ONE: Create a Pinterest account. Go to and follow the instructions provided for creating a new account.

STEP TWO: Create a Board. If you are not already there yet, go to your Pinterest page.

Just below your profile photo you will see the list of your boards, and to the left you can click to Create a Board.

You can then create your boards. Think carefully when you name your boards; the names of your boards will also be the name of the boards' web addresses, so you do not want to change the name of the board later.

For this assignment, please make at least two public boards that deal with technology in the classroom, but you might be interested to know that you can have private boards (Pinterest calls them "secret boards").

STEP THREE: Add pins. Now you can start adding pins to your board. You can easily add pins from other people's Boards, or you can add any webpage you want to your Board by using the little "plus" button that you will see in the lower right-hand corner of every page on the Pinterest website. Add a minimum of three pins dealing with technology in the classroom to each of your two Boards (for a total of 6 pins).

Approximate Time Needed

Dependant upon individual students

Prerequisite Skills

Prior knowledge of the internet; Knowledge on how to operate a mouse and keyboarding skills.


Use of computer with Internet to complete the online Storify.

Internet Resources

Other sites as chosen by the student

Accommodations for Differentiated Instruction

  • Special Needs Student: Extended work time, personnel support from the Special Needs Department

  • Non-Native Speaker: Internet sites in the native language, tutoring outside the classroom.

  • Honors Students: This class does not have an honors option.

Student Assessment

Assessment will occur through completed Storify. On-going assessment will occur when students present their lessons to actual classrooms of students with cooperating teachers.