Boy in The Striped Pajamas

by: Nikki R.

Boy in the Stripped Pajamas

Main Conflict: Bruno wants a friend but they move to Auschwitz so he tries to find a friend by going on an adventure.

Main Characters: Bruno and Bruno's sister Gretel

Setting: This mainly took place at Auschwitz the concentration camp and a little bit at his old home around the 1900's

Events: Bruno saw the fence through his window with people in striped pajamas page 30-38. Bruno moved to a new home in the country with no friends and nobody to play with.

Bruno saw a speech that became a blob that became a figure. When he decided to see what it was it was a box in striped pajamas named Shmuel. page 104-115. Bruno ran away to the other side of the fence and disguises himself and put on striped pajamas then he decided to help his friend Shmuel find his dad page 200-213.

Bruno was killed with his friend Shmuel in a gas chamber page 2

This event was important because it was the rising action of the story that left everyone wondering what would happen next it was also important because Bruno was a very big character in the story and he passed in a gas chamber

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