Stalin Part 2



Was a "Secret ________" formed in December 19__ by Vladimir Lenin. Under the leader of Felix Dzerzhinsky, Cheka ________, ______________, ____________, and __________ anyone they choose. They operated outside of the law often only reporting to ________ after the event had taken place.

Purges and Trials

Stalin believed that the country had to be _________ ,behind him, if it was to be strong. Stalin also calculated that the Soviet Union only had ____ years to catch up with the Western world in terms of industrial growth before ______________ invaded. The Soviet industries were weak and in _________, obviously lacking power to produce enough metal and heavy machinery for a massive war. So, “tightening the screws” and exploiting thousands of ________ prisoners at construction sites and at plants became a part of Stalin’s sinister ______________ plans. In addition to that, Stalin became increasingly paranoid (seeing plots everywhere) and power-mad, And, in 1935, his wife killed herself. ("The Unknown Russia: Dissolving the Myths." )


Joseph Stalin used _____________ to cover up his executions and purges. His propagandists used cut and paste methods to remove those he had eliminated from the visual record(“Joseph Stalin”). He made it __________ his former colleagues were still alive. He ordered that those he had _________ were not to be mentioned of in conversation, or in ________. Stalin used propaganda to create __________ statements about himself being close to ___________. He also used falsified statements to become the ____________ of the Soviet Union.

Prisoners and Gulags

Joseph Stalin was a ruthless _____________ of the communist country, the Soviet Union, and he had anyone who opposed him and his government _____________ and sent off to his gulags. His gulags were __________ camps where prisoners suffered tough work loads, extreme temperatures, unsanitary conditions, and very little food (Living in the Gulag). ________ who spoke out against the government was arrested and sent to work camps. People that spoke out against the government with anti-soviet _________ such as Vasyl Stus were arrested (Political Prisoners at Perm). Many prisoners ____________ because of the horrible conditions in the camps. An estimated total number of deaths in the Gulag in the period from 1918 to 1956 ranges from _______ to ________ million (Gulags).

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