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Mrs. Kara Clayton

  • 20 year veteran teacher leader in the field of Media and Digital Literacy.
  • Bachelors in Communication, The University of Michigan
  • Teaching Certification and Masters in Reading, Eastern Michigan University
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Digital Literacy, University of Rhode Island

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  • Research shows that students have higher civic engagement when they have combined video production and media analysis skills (Hobbs, 2013).

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Why is Media Literacy Important?

Jean Kilbourne, a leading lecturer and scholar in the field of Media Literacy explains the importance of why Media Literacy Skills are necessary to 21st Century learners.
The Importance of Teaching Kids Media Literacy - Jean Kilbourne

TV News

During the News Production Unit, we will deconstruct TV news. Below is an example of how this is done.

Sample Syllabus

Catalog Description:

Media Analysis Available for 9th through 12th graders

Have you ever wondered how the models in magazines get such clear skin? Have you ever wondered why there are so many commercials on TV? Have you ever wondered how the media makers create special effects in videos an on film? You’ll find out the answer to these questions and more in this pre-requisite class to all other classes offered in Media Studies. Students must PASS Media Analysis BEFORE they can take Media Production—the next course in the Media Studies series.

It is YOUR responsibility to keep track of what we are doing in class on days that you are absent. A class website with all assignments, notes, etc., is online and will be updated regularly.

The wiki link is: http://claytonma.wikispaces.com/

Unit One
Five Key Concepts and Questions of Media Literacy

Unit Two
Alcohol and Tobacco Messages
Analyzing Super Bowl Ads

Unit Three
Logos and Branding

Unit Four
Children's Advertising

Unit Five
Body Image
Violence in the Media

Unit Six
Cyber Bullying
Internet Safety

Unit Seven

News Production

Unit Eight
Film Critique

Unit Nine
20 Shot Story