By: Hayley Serrano, Eulalia Sumner

How It All Began

  • This company was founded by Henri Nestle, he began as a pharmacists assistant, but when he sold the company which bore his name at the age of 60 it was already an international success selling his famous milk-based baby food Farine Lactee.
  • Today the CEO is Paul Bulcke

Five Products made by Nestle

  1. Dreyer's (Ice cream)
  2. Gerber (baby food)
  3. Hot pockets
  4. crunch
  5. Kit Kat

Career Opportunities

  1. Retail
  2. Packaging
  3. Associates Manufacturing
  4. marketing/sales
  5. Bakery

Associates Manufacturing

In this environment, you can learn about every aspect of the business. You can bring in materials to making products to packaging and shipping, manufacturing represents the largest portion of Nestle.
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Nestlé in 2013 in 3 minutes

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