WMS Student Announcements 9/25

Updates, Reminders and Tips

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We are so excited to have everyone back at school even if it is remotely...for now. We will be publishing these announcements on a regular basis to keep you informed, create reminders, and provide helpful tips to make this easier for everyone.

Chromebook Support

Many of you may be experiencing problems with your camera and/or microphones. The following is the advice from our brilliant Tech Team to solve many of the problems. In a nutshell, the operating system needs to be updated and rebooted.

Follow this video by Mr. Schmidt and if it does not fix the problem, please submit your problems to the Student Tech Support Requests form for all your tech support needs.

You can also email us directly at:





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Getting Started on Zoom

Here are some helpful slides to start you off. Please follow the directions in these slides to ensure you are using your Watertown Google account.

Zoom Security

In hopes of preventing strangers from entering our remote school, we will be creating additional Zoom security to all the classroom links over the next couple of days. Only people with the Watertown Google accounts (watertown.k12.ma.us) will be allowed to enter our remote classes.

Remote Learning Expectation Reminders

  • You will not be allowed to enter your Zoom session unless your first and last name appear.
  • You will be removed from your class if your camera is off and if you are not visible.
  • You must be respectful at all times in remote learning.
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