Who Am I?

Ashlynne Weagraff

I am a...

  • Daughter - I am a daughter of my mom and dad
  • An only child - I am an only child in my household living with just my mom and have no blood related siblings
  • Step-sister - my dad is married and I have a step brother and step sister who are close in age
  • Step-daughter - I am a step daughter of my step mom Kim, who has been married to my dad for nine years
  • Girlfriend - I have been a girlfriend for two and a half years. My boyfriend lives back home in Myrtle Beach and is a senior at Coastal Carolina.
  • Best friend - I have two best friends. I have been friends with Nicole since Kindergarten and I have been friends with Kaeli since 6th grade and she is my roommate here at CofC
  • An employee - I worked at the Sonic Drive-In back home for three years and still work occasional shifts when I am home for breaks. I work as a carhop and wear roller skates. I love my job and my work family.
  • Communications major - I plan on being a broadcast journalist
  • Marketing major - I want to have a background in business

My Influence

A huge influence in my life is my mom. I lived with just my mom my entire life and she is my best friend. She is a great artist. She draws, paints, and builds things such as book cases and a swinging bed. She is my influence to be creative.

A Significant Experience

A significant experience in my life was when I got hired at Sonic my sophomore year in high school and started working full time. It made me grow up and start working harder in school and learn to be more responsible. I learned how to start taking care of myself and used my money to buy my first car and saved most of it to pay for my tuition and books here at CofC. Working made me become more mature as a person.

Who I Am Now

Now, I am a student. I am someone who loves to experience new things. I am someone who has dreams for my future and intends on achieving my goals.

My Aspiration

I aspire to be a broadcast journalist on the news or a broadcast meteorologist.