Puppy Pound Update

February 1st-5th

Groundhog Predictions

As you may already know, the groundhog did NOT see his little shadow! This means Spring is near.

On Monday, the students got to make predictions on whether or not the groundhog would see his shadow. They got to mark on the chart if they believed 'Yes' or if they believed 'No'. As you can tell by our predictions, a lot of us predicted that the groundhog was not going to see his shadow.

Also for groundhog day, we talked about different describing words we could use when talking about our furry little friends. We got to pick 6 describing adjectives that we felt described the picture of our groundhog the best. Then, after gluing that down on a large piece of construction paper, we created a burrow under it. Ask your child what a burrow is! Have them tell you some different chambers the groundhogs create in their burrows!

5th Grade Buddies

Every Wednesday, our 5th grade buddies come in to do an activity with us. This week, our 5th grade buddies helped us put together a groundhog day puzzle!

Snow Globe ...update

We are almost all finished with our Snow Globes! Some of us were able to take ours home, and others have some finishing touches to add to their stories!

Top Dog - Marcus

This week, our top dog was Marcus!

Marcus is a big brother to one sibling! He enjoys going bowling and likes to watch Netflix at home. One of his favorite books are Junie B. Jones. In school, his favorite subject is P.E.

Two of his favorite songs are "We Will Rock You" and "Hotline Bling".

Big image
Big image

On the look out

  • Keep an eye out for a Valentine's Day letter that is coming home in the Friday folder!

  • Also, report cards are in the Friday folder. So, make sure you take a look at that. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Miss C.

Another picture of Wyle! Can you tell he's the silly dog? .....or should I say SUPER dog :)