L4 Content & Writing Assignment DUE

かようび (kayoubi-Tuesday) - Feb 21, 2017

Today's Important Info:


Please go through your grades to make sure you have submitted all missing work for lessons 1 through 3, including your coaching sessions and Module 1 LinguaFolio Assignment!

*You will have a written and reading Hiragana Exam for part of your mid-term exam, so please make sure you are studying your Hiragana DAILY!

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Today your Lesson 4 Content and L4 Reading/Writing Assignment is DUE. Please don't forget to submit that assignment on time, by 11:59pm TODAY!

  • The characters for this week are: ま、み、む、め、も、や、い、ゆ、え、よ。

*Important News on Hall sensei: I've been very sick all day, for a few days now due to pregnancy. >o< Please bare with me with everything. If you have a question, please ask me through text or email. I'll do my BEST to answer everything as fast as I'm able too. I apologize for grading everything so slowly as responding to everyone's Canvas messages so slowly. >o< Thank you all for understanding. I'm hoping that this phase will pass by quickly.


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Hiragana Stroke Order Chart:

*Note: we don't use "wi" or "we". That is old.

What's Wrong? >.<

What Hiragana is incorrect?
  1. なめえ (namae- name)
  2. よま (yama- mountain)
  3. みむとはな (mimi to hana--eyes and nose)

*Answers found at the end of this announcement.

IMPORTANT Info about L4 Speaking Assignment and GRAMMAR info:

L4 Speaking Assignment Info:
  • In Lesson 4, we are working on"My Family" かぞく.
    • Information on L4 Speaking assignment:
      • For your speaking assignment, your pictures can be clip art pictures, if you don't have pics of your family or want to use real photos. ^_^

Grammar Corner

  • Notes on "ga arimasu" and "ga imasu"
    • Remember that with this ending "ga arimasu" (I have...), you can NOT use this with animated/living things, like with people or animals etc. "ga arimasu" = I have...(you CAN use this with objects that's NOT living).
      • Ex to use "ga arimasu": to say "I have a pencil". enpitsu ga arimaseu. えんぴつがあります。
    • To say "I have..." (to be able to use with living things) you would use "ga imasu".
      • Ex to use "ga imasu": to say "I have a cat." neko ga imasu. ねこがいます.

Please be careful with this. ^_^

Answers to the "What's Wrong?"

What Hiragana is incorrect?
  1. なめえ (namae- name) --(the め is incorrect, this character is "me" and NOT "ma")
  2. よま (yama- mountain) --(よ is incorrect, this is the "yo" character and NOT "ya")
  3. みむとはな (mimi to hana--eyes and nose) (む is incorrect, this is the "mu" character and NOT "mi.")