Principal's Newsletter

May 6th, 2016


WOW to Robin Coffee for always helping out in the mornings in my classroom! She knows our routines and helps all students be successful. ~ Lindsey Crawford

WOW to Laura Park for always being a big support to the students while in my classroom! ~ Lindsey Crawford

WOW to the Harvest Ridge Staff for supporting each other this year and working to help all students succeed!

WOW to our SPED team!! I appreciate how hard Mrs. Soyfer and Ms. Little work with me on our student's communication needs. Thank you Mrs. Schuette and Mrs. Winkler for being a key component on meeting all the needs of my students. Thank you Ms. Brockland for your support and collaboration. Thanks to Mr. Beer, Mrs. Leffeler and Mrs. Lovelace for welcoming me into the SPED department! I enjoy coming to work because of all of you and thanks for a great first year at Harvest Ridge.--Jamie McCoy

A huge WOW to Penny Szarwinski, Julia Diekemper, Lindsey Stark, Laura Peterson, Laura Park, and Anne Behrens for your tireless efforts taking small groups for MAP testing and for helping with makeups which is never ending! I can’t tell you how much the teachers and I appreciate all your work that you have done to continue the success of our students!-Katie Fazio

Thanks to all the primary teachers for giving up the interventionists to help our students be successful on the MAP.--Katie Fazio

WOW to Mel, Tessa, Ruth and Jane for taking many, many calls about MAP testing, collecting green forms and sharing information about MAP testing with folks who have a variety of questions.--Katie Fazio

WOW to Linda Murphy, Sherry Reagan, Cheryl Gerloff, Kellie Heslin, Carol Tooley, Kelly Harris, Daisy Skelly, Kevin Hollinger, Tony Beer, Nikki Lovelace, Brandy Leffeler and Angie Regan for creating a space for your individual and small group of students to MAP test in a comfortable and secure environment. I know that your support helped them feel confident about the work they had to produce!--Katie Fazio

Finally, WOWs to the third, fourth and fifth grade teachers for all your effort in supporting your students to do their best work!--Katie Fazio

A big shout out to the 5th grade team for helping me and my substitutes last week while I was gone. They went above and beyond and I’m so grateful to have an awesome team! -Heather Persons

I would like to give a WOW to Cheri Hosea. Cheri has done a phenomenal job with including special needs children in her classroom this year. Her work has not gone unnoticed. I am very appreciative of her work. The parents of her children are appreciative as well. The parent cried tears of joy about the experience that parent’s student had in Mrs. Hosea’s class this year.--Nikki Lovelace

WOW to Nikki Lovelace, Linda Carr, and Jaime Little for checking in on my para Lauren when my sub was pulled for a classroom. I love the teamwork and support! Thank you!--Karen Brockland

WOW to Katie Fazio for all your blood, sweat, and tears that went into getting all the testing materials situated. --Dr. DeWeese

WOW to Deb Lodes! You really are a true super hero. I am so glad we have you as our nurse. You can always bring a smile and turn every situation into a positive!--Dr. DeWeese

WOW to all of our interventionist who are always so flexible and willing to help out at a moments notice. We are so lucky to have you!--Dr. DeWeese

WOW to Betsy Arnold and Debbie Pryor for taking a day out of their classrooms to interview!--Dr. DeWeese

WOW to Mr. Button for saving the day and getting sound hooked up for me at the last minute. I promise I will learn how to do this next year.--Dr. DeWeese

WOW to Erica Coyne for a great performance at the Cardinal Game!--Dr. DeWeese

WOW to Greg Vest for taking all my video footage and turning it into a great production for Teacher Appreciation Week.--Dr. DeWeese

WOW to all the teachers who welcomed our CITW trainers for a class visit! It was a great learning experience!--Dr. DeWeese

WOW to Jamie McCoy for coming up with exciting activities for her students!--Anya Soyfer

WOW to the team in room 51 for getting a fabulous singer and his back up dancers ready for the talent show!--Anya Soyfer

WOW to Nikki Lovelace for being flexible – Anya Soyfer

HUGE WOW to Maggie and Michelle for being so flexible and letting these children start today with 10 minutes notice!!!--Ruth

WOW to Linda Appebaum for all your time and care that you give Max. It absolutely made my night seeing you at the Cardinal Game with him.--Dr. DeWeese

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Behavior Plan Update

Some concerns have been brought to to the attention of administration regarding the plan for next year with behavior. The actual behavior portion of the SIP has not been finalized yet, but as soon as it is finished it will be shared with staff.

The overall vision for Harvest Ridge is to take what research has to say regarding four key areas and create a tiered support system that works for our staff and our students. Many of the components that have been researched are already in place at Harvest Ridge, but just need to be implemented more systematically. Attached to this email is a chart indicating the areas and which supports go into each tier. The focus next year will be on Tier 1 in those four key areas.

The behavior committee is meeting on Thursday, May 12th to make some final decisions. On May 25th members of the committee will be working to put together the resources needed for each teacher. All of those materials will be distributed next year during our building professional development days.

When you have questions and concerns regarding the work being completed through the behavior committee please make sure you ask your grade level or area representative. That way the questions and concerns can be taken back to the committee for follow-up. Any questions or concerns are welcome as it helps the committee problem-solve and provide better communication.

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What is 4:1?

An important part in building positive school-wide and classroom environments is to ensure that appropriate behavior receives much more attention than inappropriate behavior. We want students to experience positive interactions across ALL school settings. An average of 4:1 teacher interactions is recommended; four responses to desired (positive) student behavior to one response from the teacher to student misbehavior (negative). When we talk about 4:1 it means to pair an affirmative work or phrase with information that tells learners exactly what hey are doing correctly and should continue to do in the future.

Benefits Of Specific Positive Feedback

  • Helps adults and students focus on positive social behaviors and actions
  • It is the most powerful behavior change tool teachers have in their repertoire,
  • Increases the likelihood students will use the recognized behaviors and skills in the future.
  • Decreases in appropriate behavior and therefore, reduces the need for correction.
  • Enhances self-esteem and helps build internal locus of control.

Examples of Effective Positive Feedback

  • Excellent job listening and following directions the first time.
  • Your eyes are on me and your mouth is quiet. Thank you for being ready to learn.
  • Way to go! You asked for help and followed the steps to complete your math work before the end of class!

Examples of Less Effective Feedback

  • Good Job!
  • Excellent!
  • Well done!

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Theme for 2016-2017

To coincide with the district theme, "Get In The Game," the building theme next year will be "If We Build It...." We will be building the school of our dreams with a baseball theme.

Please make sure you get your shirt size to Greg Vest.

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Thank You

More than likely this will be the final newsletter for this school year. It is hard to believe the year has already gone by. Thank you for welcoming me this year as your principal. I am so proud of all that we have accomplished in just one year. I was ecstatic this time last year as I was making my transition to Harvest Ridge and I am even more ecstatic thinking about our future.

Thank you for all the gifts and cards this week on principal's day. It is always nice to feel appreciated and special. Your positive notes are a treasure. It is my hope that the appreciation you have shown me this week you also feel in return. No matter your role your work is hard, but you all have worked all year to ensure students are prepared. Many of you have been sharing student celebrations with me this week and it is because of all your dedication that we get to have those stories.

I set out as a principal to inspire others, but you all have inspired me this year to be a better educator, principal, and mentor. Thanks for a great first year. Enjoy your time this summer. Rest, relax, and enjoy time with your family and friends. I am looking forward to an even better year next year!

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Summer Book Study

If you are interested in participating in our Mindset book study this summer you can access the conversation on schoology using the following code: 46HND-JJJZ8.

This is optional. I will start posting in June to get our conversation started. I will send an email prior so that you are aware that the conversation is starting. Please let me know if you are unable to access the course or if you need help getting to the course.

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EDC's for 2016-2017

Congratulations to the following teachers who will be Department Chair for their PLC for the 2016-2017 school year.

Kindergarten- Kristen Schrameyer

First Grade- Lindsey Crawford

Second Grade- Becca Lewis

Third Grade- Betsy Arnold

Fourth Grade- Michelle Kelly

Fifth Grade- Janice Beerman

SPED- Tony Beer

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Climate Survey

This is just a reminder to please take the climate survey. As of yesterday morning we only had 37 people who have completed the survey. Our building goal is to get 80% participation. Thanks ahead of time for taking the time to complete it!
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Back to School Bash

Save the date for our first Back to School Bash. It will be held on July 28th from 5:00-7:30. We are working on all kinds of ideas to help our families get ready for school. The ideas so far are below:

  • Provide free or discounted haircuts to families
  • Eye Van
  • Dental Van
  • Sell Spirit Wear
  • Raffle off school supplies
  • DARE information
  • Face Painting
  • Food
  • Presentation on healthy snacks and lunches
  • Sodexo food samples
  • Scouts
  • Community Resources
  • DJ
  • Family Back to School Photos

If you are interested in helping with the event or have any other ideas please let me, Linda Murphy, or Greg Vest know. We welcome your input, ideas, and of course your help at the event!

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Beginning of School

I know it is hard to think about coming back to school as we close out the year, but teachers come back August 1st. As the time draws closer I will be sending out more detailed information about our first days back at school. I will be out of town May 30 through June 6th. Other than that I will be around the office or home with my kiddos. Please reach out over the summer if there is anything you need. I'm always happy to help.