Middle School The Begining

Alejandro Calderon

My first day in middle school was a little weird. I didn't know who were going to be in my classes so,I was a little anxious but nervous at the same time. My first class was study skills the teacher was Mrs. Legg.She told us that we could pick anywhere to sit. Then she handed out folders. After that we did 3 digit multiplication until 9:04.

Then to my second and third but,I was really exited for fourth period.It was P.E. I was wondering if it was going to be fun. It really wasn't fun at all. All the coach did was talk and told where to sit,then we did stretches which were pretty boring.Then he said that we can talk until 11:27.

After that I went to my fifth period which was art I was really exited about art.The teacher was really nice she told us that we can do free draw. Then I went to my sixth period which was math the homeroom then seventh which was science then the last period eighth finally reading it was actually fun.

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