Classroom Ready Resources

November 18th, 2014

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ThingLink creates interactive images that you can share online. This tool allows you to create a large image that has "hotspots" you can click on to give you more information, provide a larger image, or link directly to other websites. This would be a great tool for creating interactive maps, timelines, etc.

I created a sample thinglink using the display the graveyard display outside of Mrs. Tribble's office. Creating these for you hallway displays is a great way for parents to see what the kids have been working on even if they can't make it into the school. Check it out:

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Say you want to know the most poisonous snake in the world, the inventor of toilet paper, or the year Cleopatra died, what do you do? Google it, of course, but what if you actually want to learn something? Try instaGrok.

instaGrok is an interactive search engine for learners. It displays the context of any topic as a dynamic, visual web of important concepts and relationships. Students navigate this web based on their particular interests and adjust difficulty level based on their knowledge level. They start with key facts, and then dive deeper into quality educational websites, videos, and images. Students can search with no account, but you can set up a classroom account for a 90 day free trial and gain access to auto-generated quizzes, built-in journals to develop research and synthesis skills, an assignment tool, and tools to track student progress.