Tiger Talk - Special Edition


Car Rider Reminders

We have procedures we ask all to follow to ensure the safety of our students. PLEASE do not drop off students in our parking lot or in lanes of traffic, so that students would be crossing through traffic to reach your vehicle or our doors. If dropping off a student by car, you must use the car line unless you park and escort the student into the office.

As we continue to grow, our car lines grow. An option to consider to avoid a long wait in traffic is our convenient LTISD school bus services.

The tardy bell rings at 7:40 am, and all staff and safety patrol Tigers must be in their classrooms at the bell. As a result there are no staff members at the entrances as of 7:40 am.

So that we can assist students as they step out of the cars, please pull up to the curb to drop off students before 7:40 am. Our car rider lines are moving very quickly and efficiently now, and we find the lines move even faster when:

  • Cars with Kindergarten and/or 1st Grade Students drop off Tigers only at the side entrance in the mornings.
  • Cars without Kindergarten/1st Graders drop off Tigers at the main, front entrance.
  • And when parents give Tigers their kisses and say "goodbyes" before we open your vehicle's door so that our Tigers can hop out and be on their way to class quickly.

Please help us to keep our Tigers safe.

Lunch Visitor Procedures

We want to remind our lunch guests that they are welcome to come and enjoy lunch with their own Tiger. Please refrain from inviting other students to join you and your Tiger. To ensure the safety of all of our students, it is important to remember that food you purchase here or bring in to our campus is shared only with your own Tiger.

To protect the privacy of our students, when taking photos on campus, please make certain that only your Tiger is in the photo.

Thank you!

We appreciate your assistance and support in creating a safe and healthy environment for our students.

Please have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!