What's Up in Ancient Africa?

Colonization/Slave Trade

This map shows the colonies from Europe in Africa represented by a multitude of colors.
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Apartheid is the separation of Africans from Europeans. The blacks suffered while the Europeans grew wealthier and advanced. Until 1993, Apartheid was part of South African law. How did this tragic event start anyway. Well, this was when the parts of the world started making racial statements and taking the side of segregation. This forced blacks to move to homelands, poor rural areas. A number of restrictions were put on blacks--no voting, only low-paying jobs, poor schools, even carrying an identification. they also were in separate schools, restaurants, and hospitals than the whites. protests struck out for many years until finally F.W. de Klerk ended it. Nelson Mandela was also a figure who was elected the 1st African president in south Africa after 28 years in prison because he protested a fight against Apartheid. This was the 1st multiracial election. Even though Apartheid has been mostly pushed out of the way, Mandela and new leaders are working on peace and equality.

21st Century Issues

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