Cognitive Approach Psychology


Cognitive Approach

The Cognitive Approach in psychology is a comparison modern approach to human behaviour. The approach main focuses on how people think and with the belief that such thought processes affect the way in which we behave.
This involves if we are interested of knowing what makes people ticks. Being interested in understanding the internal process of peoples minds.

Cognition means "knowing".

This refers to studying the human mental process and how they are thinking, feeling and behaving.

As the man focus is on the way human process information on how we treat information that comes in the person.

A nomothetic approach

This is used to discover human cognitive process, this has adapted idiographic technique through using a case studies, (eg KF, HM).

Cognition is also a reductionist approach which means all behaviour no matter how complex can be reduced to simple cognitive process, like the memory.

The Cognitive Revolution