King Charlemagne of the Franks

About his life, his family, and how he is a change maker.

Childhood and Family

Charlemagne was born on April 2nd, 742. Charlemagne was born in Francia or Frankia, which is territory inhabited and ruled by the Franks. His parents were Pepin the Short and Bertrada. Charlemagne's parents weren't legally married when they had him, so he was looked down upon just because his parents weren't legally married. However, his brother Carloman was born after his parents were legally married so he was fine.
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How Charlemagne became King

Pepin the Short became the king of Franks in 754 but died in 768 which led to the Frankish kingdom being divided between Charlemagne and Carloman. Carloman had a larger and better part of the land which led to arguments between the brothers but Carloman died in 771 so, Charlemagne was the true king.
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How Charlemagne is a change maker

King Charlemagne founded the Carolingian Renaissance, a period of time in which emphasis on scholarship and culture was renewed. He promoted education highly because it was important to him. In fact, his palace in Aachen had a school but he would only hire the best teachers. Charlemagne donated money and land to the Christian church. He was a zealous defender of Christianity. Charlemagne was a fierce and brave warrior and in a lot of ways, the first Renaissance man. Charlemagne's achievements took Europe out of the dark ages. He turned the light switch on for many people all over the world. Charlemagne abandoned the gold standard and put all of Europe on the same silver currency. Trading with other countries became easier and Europe began to prosper.Charlemagne died on January 28, 814. Charlemagne's changes were the sparks that ignited Europe to become successful, wealthy, and prosper for many centuries to come. This is how King Charlemagne is a change maker.