Jason, Abby, Ashley, Tahj, Shank, Ryan

Ideations and research

- Ramps installed in gym and theatre

- Make water fountains more accessible installing an accessible paper cup dispenser

- Insulating lavatory pipes under sinks to prevent burns

- Repositioning paper towel dispensers

Locations of Necessary Improvements

Sketches of Problem Areas

Cost of the Project

We can use a spray foam type of application to insulate the exposed pipes. There is a product, called Spray foam kit 200 complete, that costs $280. This kit includes:

- 2-component foam (standard -OR- fire retardant formula)

-P2 Application Gun

- Clear, Color-Coded 10 feet houses (pre-connected)

-Extra Spray Nozzles

- Latex gloves

- O-ring

- Lubricant

- Instructions (English, Spanish, French)

This kit contains 200 board feet, which is 12x12x1, of spray foam. This is better explained down below

Big image


Thornton: solid idea, but my only concern is about the safety. Who is going to be installing this, will it change the appeal of the bathroom.

Jason's Mom: Headings need to be clarified. "I never realized this was an issue"

Marybeth: I think that this idea is really good. It sounds like it will really help, and the cost sounds reasonable.


Our plan to insulate the pipes in the bathrooms may seem pricey at first, but could save the school money eventually. If the pipes are left exposed we may not meet with ADA guidelines and someone may get burned by the pipes, leaving the school with a lawsuit.