sea food festival


Better Hurry because the sea food festival is about to wash away.

Welcome to Browning ton,NC 10th Annual for half of a century and a lot of people have came from Brownning ton,NC and fellow visitors have come together to celebrate of the goodness of the fall harvest. come and join us on main street in browning ton for a day full of entertainment,crafts, tasty food,friends,and family.

Food Stands

We have lots of high quality fish,buy some soon they sell very quick.The fishermen cook the fish to a perfect crisp golden brown and sell them for 2.00 or 1.00 each.there are crabs ,salmon,brim,and more!The food is served on a paper plate and you can eat on a bench or take it with you.There is ketchup,mustard,tarter sauce,ranch,salt,and pepper.There are games like ball toss and if you win you get a free cooked fish and fish toy.the condiments are free but the games aren't.The games are .50 each to play.there is lemonade,sprite,coke,mountain dew,and orange juice.You can choose from a long menu of seafood.

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public safety/ Emergency Officials; responsible for security and safety of all festival goers.

Cameras for someone robs.And some police,firefighters,doctors, and ambulance but a lot of security.

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There will be One direction at 5:00pm,Taylor swift at ,7:00pm-9:00pm,Big. time rush at 9:40-10:00.And there will be fun rides .There be water guns and balloons and a water slide that leads into a pool that is three feet and one that is for little kids this will be the best sea food festival ever.There will be s shag dance.

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craft seller

1.clam necklaces 2.snow globs 3.blanket 4.shirts 5.bags 6.braclites 7.ear rings 8.jakets rods

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Baby changes ,soap, door lock s so people can't open the door,water,election hook up,bathrooms supply,good shelter,bathrooms will be every square mile

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There will be fishing games and fish (food) and prizes (gold fish) and 10 cents.

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