The Beasts of the Tropics

The Guide to the Tropic's Nightmares

Should one get trapped in the dark depths of the tropical wilderness, he/she must know of the dangers that lurk in shadows of the jungle's roots.


Parasites, one of the most dangerous creatures in the entire world, sometimes having the ability to fatally paralyze its host.

Preventive Measures include:

  • Using a groundsheet if sitting on forest floor in order to avoid contact with parasites in the ground.
  • Avoid walking/camping in areas with thick undergrowth(avoid parasites on undergrowth.)

Symptoms of a Bite are:

  • Itchy, Crater-like swelling followed by, headache & numbness/pain at affected area.

To kill them:

  • Alcohol or Insecticide

Eerie Creatures

These creatures are relatively harmless, however, they can inflict painful stings/bites. Leave them alone and they will most likely do the same for you.


In spite of their dangerous reputations, snakes will flee a conflict before they fight. However, unless you are a snake expert, be sure to treat all snakes the same, ignore them. You do not want to aggravate a creature that could have the potential to kill you instantly if they wanted to.


Be aware of these "psycho-birds," they are fairly large and have toenails that could tear up any human if it wanted to. Staying away from their offspring is key, if you see young cassowaries, walk the other way for their parents(especially the father) are highly dedicated to their young and they will destroy you if they feel you are a threat. If you come into contact with one of these birds you can: A.) Stand still(avoid running) and it will walk away, or B.) Hide behind a Rock or Tree.
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This is only a small list of the creatures found in the different Tropical Jungles of the world, however, the mutual word of advice for dealing with each of these animals is, stay calm. In most cases, you are the biggest danger to yourself when you are stranded alone in the wilderness. Avoid panic and you should be just fine, wild animals are not that dangerous if you know how to deal with them.