Greene Notes

February 16, 2018

Our Flight Pattern

Welcome to the E.H. Greene Intermediate School Newsletter! We will share important information and highlight the great things our students and teachers are doing at our school. You can expect this in your inbox each week on Friday afternoons.

Attendance Line: (513) 686-1756


February 8 - 23 - Order Greene School Yearbook online

February 16 - SEE1 Rock Orchestra with Joe Deninzon at the High School

February 27 - JH Academic Fair 7:00 pm *DATE CHANGE*

March 3 - Band & Orchestra Pancake Day at Sycamore High School from 8:00-3:30


Our district spends a considerable amount of time working on transition. We will reserve this section of the newsletter for information to help you and your children with this process. For the purpose of clarification, we will use the following terms for each grade level: Rising 7th Graders (current 6th graders, class of 2024), Rising 6th Graders (current 5th graders, class of 2025), and Rising 5th Graders (current 4th graders, class of 2026).

Rising 7th Graders

The Junior High is looking to implement a program similar to Greene 101. Please respond to this survey to help us plan.

During the week of February 20th, the following packet will be mailed home to rising 7th grade families. The packet includes:

  • Your child’s personal course selector with recommendations for 2018-2019 school year

  • Directions for completing the course selector

  • Sample course selector sheets

  • An “at a glance” version of the course planner

  • Immunization requirements

  • Reminder for Rising 7th Grade Academic Fair on Tuesday February 27th

Your child’s course selector needs to be completed and turned into his/her homeroom teacher by March 2nd.

Upcoming Important Dates

February 20

Junior High Counselors visit 6th grade students at Greene School to talk about scheduling and other Junior High information.

February 27

6:00pm - Special Education 6th Grade Parent Orientation

7:00pm - Rising 7th Grade Parent Orientation/Academic Fair

March 2

All Course Selectors and any Course Adjustment Request Forms due

Two immunizations are required by the state of Ohio (ORC 3313.67) before the start of 7th grade. Tdap (tetanus, diptheria and pertussis booster) and Meningitis (MCV4). Your child may already have had them at their 11 year old check up. If so please obtain a copy of those immunizations. If not, please make an appointment for your students to get these two immunizations. Once you have obtained copies of TDAP and MCV4, send them to Laurie Dobrowolski RN at E.H. Greene Intermediate School. Thank you!


Fax: (513) 792-6172

We are asking that records be received at E.H. Greene Intermediate School by May 11, 2018.

There are many more details that I will communicate to parents and students over the next few months.

Greene Yearbooks

Order your Greene School yearbook online now through February 23, 2018! It's easy! Order today at and reference School ID code #1592718. The books are $17.00 and will be delivered to students in mid--late May.

Cell Phones

We have seen students using cell phones inappropriately recently. While we understand students have phones and may need them before or after school. Our expectation is that phones remain in the lockers during school hours. Teachers have phones in every classroom and students are able to call home when needed. If students have their phone out during school, we will take it and give it back to the students at the end of the day the first time. After that, we will have a parent come to retrieve the phone.


The PTO nominating committee at the Junior High will be meeting next week. If you have any interest in serving on the JH board or any committee chair, please contact Lori Drasnin,

SEE1 Joins Renowned Electric Violinist On Stage

Sycamore High School students will join renowned electric violinist Joe Deninzon for the SEE1 Rock Orchestra concert live on Friday, February 16.

Joining SEE1 and Joe Deninzon this year will be singers from the Sycamore HS Choir Program, members of the Sycamore 8th grade Orchestra and the younger rock orchestra Everlasting Monsoon, composed of Sycamore music students in 6th grade.

Click here for more information, including how to purchase tickets.

Mr. Deninzon will be visited the Greene School on February 15 at 1:30 to play for students.

Know! What’s Trending – the Tide Pod Challenge

As an educator who works with teens, you have no doubt heard of some of the ridiculous internet challenges that exist among this age group. While some of these new-age “dares” are silly and harmless, many more are dangerous and even deadly, like the one currently trending – the ‘Tide Pod Challenge.’

It has nothing to do with laundry and everything to do with getting internet “famous.” The videos that have spread like wildfire across social media look something like this – laughing, joking teens sink their teeth into one of the colorful, dessert-like looking laundry pods, then cough and gag while toxic, stain-fighting chemicals ooze from their mouths. The purpose? A few laughs from their friends and as many social media “views” as possible.

The American Association of Poison Control Centers, however, says the ‘Tide Pod Challenge’ is no joke. These pods have caused children to be hospitalized with difficulty breathing, loss of consciousness, and temporary vision loss due to chemical burns to the eye. Additionally, Consumer Reports say the ingredients in these pods can burn the mouth, digestive system and stomach, cause gastrointestinal distress and respiratory arrest, and if they make their way into the bloodstream or organs, they can be fatal.

While concerns surrounding these types of detergent pods are not new, we used to worry that children under the age of five would unintentionally ingest them. Who would have guessed that 13 to 19-year-olds would be intentionally biting into them?

What can you do to discourage such senseless behavior? By reading this tip, you are already taking a step in the right direction by becoming AWARE. But you must also be aware that as this Internet challenge fades out, another is sure to follow, which is why it is so important to talk with your students about the health and safety dangers of this and other online challenges.

Here are some points to keep in mind as you do:

• Don’t assume certain students won’t try it: Remember, a teen’s brain is not fully developed – impulsivity along with peer pressure and the competitive desire to one-up a peer are all powerful influencers.

• State (and restate) the obvious: While biting into a laundry detergent pod seems quite obviously NOT a good decision, make no assumptions when it comes to your students’ safety.

• Prompt critical thinking: Ask your students, “What do you think could happen if you do this?” In the face of such a challenge, help them learn to step back for a moment and apply basic logic and reason before making a decision that could impact their health and safety, in both the short and long-term.

Keep it positive: Though you may be tempted to tell your teen about all the possible consequences, remember that youth are hard-wired to defend against negative messages or scare tactics. Take a step back and emphasize what your child should do, like resisting peer pressure and making healthy decisions.

* If you or someone you know ingests a laundry pod, or other toxic substance, call the National Poison Help Hotline at 1-800-222-1222.

Sources: Michael Nedelman, CNN: Poison control calls ‘spike’ due to online laundry pod challenge. January 17, 2018. TIME: Here’s How Common the Tide Pod Challenge Really Is. January 17, 2018. McAffe Blog Central: Digital Dares: Dumb Kids with Smart Phones, September 23, 2014.

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Shop for everyone on your gift list this holiday at and Amazon donates to Edwin H. Greene Intermediate School PTO.

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Aviation Station is coming to your neighborhood!

The Aviation Station will be rolling into your neighborhood to provide Homework Assistance, STEAM activities, and free wifi on the following days each week of the school year:

Mondays 4:00-6:00 p.m.: Fields Ertel Townhomes

Tuesdays 4:00-6:00 p.m.: Hazelwood Community Center

Wednesdays 4:00-6:00 p.m.: Sycamore Terrace

Thursdays 4:00-6:00 p.m.: Blue Ash Kohl’s parking lot (Plainfield & Hunt Roads)

If you would like your child to participate in this free service, please fill out the permission form and return it to your child’s school prior to the day of the Aviation Station visit in your community. For more information regarding the Aviation Station, please visit our website at

Greene School Activity Brochure

Is your child looking to get involved at the Greene School? Below is a link to our 2017-2018 Activity Brochure. You will find information on all of our clubs, including the dates they meet. Please tell your children to watch our video announcements for information on how and when to sign up.

2017-2018 Activity Brochure

Pictures for the Yearbook

Calling all parents! Those cell phones take great pictures! When you capture a moment at the Greene School that you are proud of, PLEASE email the picture in its ORIGINAL SIZE to

At the music program, kids having fund together, walk a thon, carnival…as long as it is Greene students, pass it on so we can fill our yearbook with some great photos! Don’t wait til the end of the year! Email your photos right away! THANK YOU!!