Wisnoski's World

Week of November 18th

Tutoring This Week

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Morning 7:30 am - 7:50 am

Junior High - Tuesday at Lunch

High School - Wednesday at Lunch

Monday and Wednesday Afternoon 3:25-4:00pm

Parent Portal

I would encourage you and your child to sign-up for Parent Portal to check grades. If you need your parent portal code, you can contact Tammy Rabun.

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All Algebra I Classes

Concepts for this week:

Determine slope from equations, tables, graphs or two points.

Homework - Students will have short homework assignments several nights this week.

RETEST- students will be given an opportunity to retest on Wednesday before or after school or during lunch for the test given November 8th.

TEST - Test on finding slope given equations, tables, graphs or two points.

Below are some links to Videos and Practice of Various Concepts we are Covering

Find Slope


Practice S.2, S.3, & S.4

Slope Dude
Graph! (WSHS Math Rap Song)

8th Grade Algebra I Students

Retest on Irrational Numbers on Wednesday before or after school or during lunch.

Math Models

Students will be researching homes to buy, loans, and home owner insurance. Students will be working on the Chromebooks and then making a presentation on their findings. Students will make presentations on Wednesday.

Rebecca Wisnoski

Math Teacher

Anderson-Shiro Jr/Sr High