Women's role in society

Women's role in society

Over time women's roles in society have changed extremely from what they were in the past to what they are now resulting in women having equal rights as men.


In Antigone Ismene is suggesting to Antigone that she is only a woman and that she should not be arguing with a man because in this time that was not a usual thing for a women to do. In A Left-Handed Commencement Address Le Guin is saying that success is the American dream and that includes women. The Yellow Wallpaper expresses how much the woman suffered and sometimes we don't realize how much they suffer today.


In A Story of An Hour Mrs. Mallard first mourns her husbands death then realizes that she has no one to live for and can just live for herself and the picture of the business women symbolizes her independence. In The Yellow Wallpaper the woman is controlled by her husband and the picture of the slave symbolizes being controlled. In Antigone Ismene tells Antigone this because she doesn't this she can do what she said she would do.


Le Guin talks about how women from society and not looked at to be on the same level as men and that has to change. Ismene once again is telling Antigone that she cant do something. Le Guin also say a women with a collage education should be on the same level as man and not have to fight with him or serve him.


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