Miss Shorna's Snippets

February 15th -19th

Valentine's Day Party

I just wanted to give a big THANK YOU to everyone that donated food and/or supplies for the Valentine's Day Party! We all had a great time and lots of fun! Your continued support makes my job so much easier!

Box Top Labels for Education Classroom Challenge

The primary building will be collecting Box Tops and Labels for Education. Please refer to the packet sent home last week if you have any questions as to where you can find box tops and labels. Everything that is collected through this challenge will be put towards a new "Family Event" that will be hosted at the school. The collection begins February 8th and goes until February 16th. The winning class will be given a cookie and punch party!

Run for Funds

As apart of the physical education fundraiser, students will be collecting money for the Rensselaer Food Pantry. For every dollar they bring in, they will be given 1 toe token. Mrs. Ousley will be collecting donations from February 8-19. Let's help reach the school goal of $10,000!

Pictures on our Class Website!

Check out our class website for TONS of pictures!


Book It!

Each month your child will bring home a calendar style Reading Log. If your child reads for 10 minutes every night and returns the Reading Log at the end of the month, your child with receive a pizza from Pizza Hut! Reading to your child is a wonderful habit to form. This is a great way for you to bond and share your love of reading with your child! Students can also read a book to themselves. They know the 3 ways to read a book (Read the Words, Read the Pictures, Retell the Story). Please let me know if you have any questions or if you misplace your Reading Log.

Gummy Bear Words

Last week your child brought home a letter and pink list of gummy bear words. Please have your child practice reading these words to you. Once your child has mastered the list, sign the bottom of the list and return it to school in their monkey folder. Then your child will be "tested" at school. If your child successfully completes the list they will receive a pack of gummy bears. Then they will get a new list of sight words to practice. This self paced program is a great way to motivate students and master tricky sight words! Thank you for your support!

Extra "GREEN" Recess

Every Friday afternoon, students that have been on "green" all week will receive an extra 10 minute recess. This is a small incentive for those students who are consistently following all classroom expectations.


Please sign up for our classroom text messages!

Send the message: @ahensler

To: 81010 or (312) 548-8196

Please Practice

I have noticed that more students are able to tie their shoes now!!! Thank you so much for your hard work. Please continue to practice this with your student if needed. Whatever practice you can do at home will be most helpful! :-)

Focus for the Week

  • Weekly Theme: President's and Snow and Ice
  • Weekly Texts: President's Day Scholastic News, George Washington (Pebbles Plus), Abraham Lincoln (Pebbles Plus), The Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow
  • Letter identification & sounds: Ee
  • Reading Skill: Main Idea, Compare and Contrast, Sequencing

  • Question of the Week:
  • High-Frequency Words: here, go, from
  • Phonics: Initial and Medial Ee Sounds in CVC words
  • Writing: Writing a simple sentence, Writing about an adventure
  • Number 16
  • Writing Numbers 0-20
  • Acting Out "Some, Some More" and "Some Went Away" Stories
  • Ordering Objects by Length
  • Measuring Length Using Nonstandard Units
  • Making an ABC Pattern Using Pattern Blocks
  • Estimating and Measuring the Capacity of Containers Using Nonstandard Units
  • Comparing and Ordering Containers by Capacity
  • Writing Numerals Through 20 to Label Sets
  • IXL
  • Review Adding 0 and 1
  • Adding 2