Hawaiian Monk Seal

Monachus Schauinsland

About it

The Hawaiian Monk Seal ( Monachus Schuinsland ) is an endangered species of earless seals. Theses animals are endemic to the Hawaiian Islands.


Hawaiian Monk Seals live in the remote Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. These small islands are either uninhabited or little used by humans. They are also surrounded by tiny coral reefs, which serve as great foraging grounds for skilled seals to swim for fish, spiny, lobsters, octopuses and eels. Hawaiian seals spend most of their time at sea but come to shore to rest on beaches and as shelter for storms.

Where the name comes from?

The Monk Seal is named from its folds in its skin that somewhat resemble a monk cowl, and because it's usually seen alone or in small groups. Hawaiians call the seal " llio holo I ka uaua" which means dog that runs in rough water.


Hawaiian Monk Seals are "gereralist" feeders, which means they eat a variety of foods depending on what's available. They eat many types of common foods like fishes, squid, octopus, eels and crustaceans.
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How many are left in the world?

Hawaiian Monk Seals are the most endangered seals in there species and even in the whole entire world. Only about 103 are left in the world! You might think woah that's heaps but it isn't.

But why are they in endangered?

They are becoming endangered because either other animals are killing and then eating them or they are dying because of old age.


Adult monk seals are about 6-7 feet in length and weights in between 180kg and 270kg.

How long it lives for

Hawaiian monk seals can live up to there 30s. But ,Amy seals don't get past there 25s because they die of sickness or get killed my other animals.


They have grey fur all over their body expect for their belly they have white fur on there belly. The father weighs up to 270kg and the females weigh up to 170kg. The pups weigh up to 30kg.


The youngest seal to give birth is 5 or older. The mother has to stay with there pups for the first 5-6 weeks of there lives. During this time the mother gives the pup swimming lessons. The mother monk seal does not eat anything during this time and may lose hundreds of kilograms.