Sosavage (Ss)

by: Amanuel Assibe

Element information


Atomic mass- 55.3383 Kg

Discovered by- Wuduneh Tedla and Enat wolde in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Occurrence- Mainly found at a house in Richarson,Texas sleeping and watching Netflix. Also found in Richardson High School. Also very little occurrences in McDonald's restaurants.

Physical properties

- Surface is black with black hair and brown eyes

-Boils when alarm clock goes off

-Melts when it gets to hang out with its friends

- Can cause awkward silence in situations with strangers

Can be found in various states

  • Can cause sadness when summer ends
  • Can cause happiness when it snows outside
  • can cause laughter around people close to it

chemical properties

- Is repelled by negative people.

- Is attracted by rainy days

- May explode spontaneously when people say they will do something but don't.

- Requires copious amounts of in-n-out burger

- Is inert if laying in bed

- Will repel negative vibes

- Is impervious to fake people