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The Last Supper

Before Jesus Christ was decreased, he calls his disciples together for one last supper together. Before it began, he washed the feet of everyone who attended. While eating their meal, Jesus declared that one of his 12 followers will betray him. He shares bread and wine, which is considered a symbol for his body and blood.

There are many different versions of "The Last Supper' painting. This one shown was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci. (1495-1498)

Statue Of David

Most people know of this statue because its one of the infamous Michelangelo's masterpiece. At the very beginning, Michelangelo was given a marble that another artist has started but gave up too soon to finish it. He was asked by the other artist to create a sculpture of the David that was originally blocked out in 1464.

This statue represents the biblical figure of davit who killed Goliath with a stone from his slingshot.


1. Began in the year 1501

2. Some wonder why David's right hand was larger than his body. That's because in the middle ages, David was believed to be to have been called "Manu fortis", which means strong of hand.

Florence, Italy: Michelangelo's David

Gioconda Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa is one of the most recognized woman in the world. Her image can be found anywhere or on anything. This real painting is only 30 by 21 inches and it sits behind a pulletproof case in Paris' Lourve which attracts thousands of visitors on a daily basis.

The Mona Lisa's mysterious smile has always catched peoples attention through generations, but the true identity of this woman is still unsolved. Leonardo began this painting in Florence 1503. He continued to work on it for the next three years and then kept the painting to himself until he died in 1519. This painting has been passed over to a few people including Napoleon. The Mona Lisa portrait was made with oil painting on a poplar wooden panel.

The Dormition of the virgin

This event was a resting time for the mother of Jesus Christ, Mary. In other words called "falling asleep". Mary died like all people do with nothing supernatural. She had a mortal human nature. The church declared that she needed to be saved by Christ just as the rest of us are from trials, sufferings, and deaths of this world. Having truly died, she was raised by her Son as the "Mother of Life" and already participates in the eternal life of peace which is prepared and promised to all who "hear the word of God and keep it".

It is said that what happened to Mary could happen to only the people who follow in her foot steps of her holy life of love, obedience, and humility.

Setting of the portrait:

In the images below, there is a person standing behind the theotokos, is her son Jesus Christ who has come to receive her soul to go to heaven. In his left arm he old an infant to symbolize theotokos reborn in her glory. The group on the left side is led by St. Peter, who stands at the edge of the bier. The group on the opposite side is led by St. Paul who is standing at the foot of the bier.