Holy Family Updates

January 2023

Dear HFRCS Families,

I am excited to share that Holy Family is implementing a reading and mathematics program for kindergarten through 8th grade called i-Ready. i-Ready is an online program that will help us determine your child’s strengths and areas for growth, personalize their learning, and monitor their progress throughout the school year. i-Ready allows us to meet your child where they are and provides us with data to inform instruction.

The i-Ready Diagnostic is an adaptive assessment that adjusts its questions based on student responses. Each item a student receives is based on their answer to the previous question. For example, a series of correct answers will result in slightly harder questions, while a series of incorrect answers will yield slightly easier ones. The purpose of this is not to give your child a score or grade, but to determine how to best support their learning. The students will be completing a diagnostic test for both reading and math next week. Reading will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, while the math assessment will be Thursday and Friday.

To help prepare your child for the i-Ready Diagnostic, encourage them to:

  • Get a good night’s sleep and eat a full breakfast the day of the assessment.

  • Try their best on each question and try not to rush.

  • Try not to worry about questions to which they do not know the answers—remind them that it is expected that they will only get about half of the questions correct.

  • Be respectful of other students who take longer to finish.

  • Use paper and pencil to work out the math questions. When in doubt, write it out!

If you have any questions about i-Ready, please do not hesitate to contact me. You can also learn more about i-Ready by visiting i-ReadyCentral.com/FamilyCenter.

Below are some other updates and reminders about Holy Family Regional Catholic School. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Mr. Elia

Picture Retake Day

If you missed the first Picture Day or are unhappy with your pictures, retakes will be Tuesday, January 17th. If you are getting retakes - just bring in your first set and Tipping will take care of the rest. If you need to order pictures for the first time, you can go to www.tippingschoolpictures.com and enter TSP2022A. Please contact Alicia Regotti aregotti@holyfamilyaston.org with any questions.

Date Change for Parent Meeting

We have changed the date for our Parent Meeting. It is now Tuesday, February 7th at 7pm. It will take place in Degnan Hall. We will be covering several topics including financials, enrollment, the Board of Limited Jurisdiction, an overview of our strategic plan moving forward, and current news regarding Holy Family.

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The Play is Returning!

The Spring Musical

We are so thrilled that the Spring Musical is back! A huge shout out and thank you to Brigid Levi for working so hard to make this possible for our students. Below is important information.

Spring Musical Sign-up https://sites.google.com/view/school-play-info/registration?authuser=0

School Play Website https://sites.google.com/view/school-play-info/home?authuser=0

Raise Your Voice is a musical revue comprised of songs from many different Broadway musicals like Guys and Dolls to Oliver! and Disney favorites like The Little Mermaid and Mary Poppins.

Our first rehearsal is approaching and Mrs. Levi is still in need of more student participation.

Important Upcoming Dates

Tuesday, January 17: Student Info Session (2:30-4:30)

Wednesday, January 18: Audition Prep (2:30-4:30)

Thursday, January 19: Auditions (2:30-5:00)

Additional information can be found on the play's website. Please direct any questions to me: blevi@holyfamilayaston.org

Winter Ball

Tickets are on sale now! Spend some time with friends catching up, bidding on auction items, and dancing the night away.

Friday, February 3rd from 6:00pm – 10:00pm

Held at Kings Mill at 6000 Pennell Rd in Media

$75.00 per person. Click here to purchase. https://bngn.blackbaud.school/?id=tbk3ro1milg#/home/

If you are interested in helping the committee with auction items or decorations, please reach out to Kim Lake at kimlake75@gmail.com.