by Yazmin Brewer



  • Christmas is the most important holiday in Estonia they plan for day' s what to eat and how to decorate it has 3 days to celebrate it but gift' s are opened on Christmas Eve
  • Day of knowledge =September 1
  • Teachers day=celebrated in October is a big school day when students bring gifts to teachers to thank them
  • Fathers day = celebrated on November 2
  • Shrove touseday


WEDDING TRADITIONS / On the wedding the Father in law MUST climb under the table to make sure that evil spirits did not mess with there food!!!


A traditional Estonia woman' s outfit outfit would have a lot of red or yellow, and it would normally touching the floor.Men' s outfits have blue or black pants brown vest long socks and same shoes as woman' s !!!!



Most Estonians are bilingual speaking Finnish and Hungarian.Some of these people practice Spanish or English, but they are not there everyday languages.


The Estonians are Evangelical Lutheranism in agent times they were thought to be the first god followers. Although today only 20% of them follow this now.


Estonia is a majority goverment they have two parties the Reform party and the Social Democratic party and there president Toomas Hendrik on Febuary 24 1918 was there first Independence Day. On Febuary 4 every year they celebrate it with singing ,dancing, food and family.


War has broken out in Estonia people not knowing what was going to happen. Filling the streets cry' s and screams try to fight for there homes and there family.
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This is a famous landmark in Estonia named Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. It is named after St. Alexander Nevsky (A Russian Tsar )and is 76 meters long and 53 meters wide it is said to hold up to 7,000 people!!!!!!!
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This is Kadriorg Palace it is known for it amazing view into the natural landscape, forest groves and paths

FUN FACT!!!!!!!
In 1722 solders planted 550 tree' s here!!
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Some Estonia' s like animals such as boars, horses, pigs, brown bears some even spend time with them and