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School Newsletter 2015-2016 Vol. 1

Happy New Year VA Parents and Students!

As we step into the New Year we are looking to get ready for the FSA and graduation! In order to help our students be in peak performance, we are asking parents to check Edline bi-weekly, converse with students about assignments, study habits, and support their inquiries. We are stronger together as a Village Academy Family.

Thank you,
Ms. Dixon, Principal

From the Desk of the School Nurse

From the desk of your Health Care District School Nurse:

Regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health. It is commonly known that regular exercise is a wonderful way to improve physical fitness, fight against obesity, diabetes and heart disease. But a new study shows that regular exercise is also a good way to improve children’s brain function which may lead to better academic success.

The CDC guidelines suggest that school age students participate in at least 60 minutes of exercise each day. Participation in sports or a formal exercise program is one way to keep fit. However, the three types of recommended physical activity can be met through many different types of play. For example, climbing on a jungle gym or a tree builds muscle strength. Playing tag is a great aerobic activity and bone strengthening can occur by jumping rope or playing hopscotch. Make it fun!

Math Apps that Help!

MyScript Calculator comes to the rescue of those of us accustomed to writing down equations on pen and paper rather than transcribing them into a calculator. A handwriting recognition system allows users to write down equations and have the app calculate results. MyScript supports basic arithmetic, as well as percent, square roots, trigonometric (and inverse) functions, logarithms and constants such as pi and Euler's number.

Sports Corner

In most recent VA Sports News, two of Village Academy football players recently played in the Florida vs. Georgia All-Star Game held at Boynton High. Thomas Neal made an interception and Jevaughn Codlin made some key tackles. A few of our former players attended the game such as Devontae Robinson (Utah State), Trequan Smith (University of Central Florida) and Kevin Bronson (University of South Florida) to name a few. The following players participated in the Palm Beach County Bowl Game: Thomas Neal, Dwight Holt, Jevaughn Codlin, and Tracy Bean. Tracy Bean received an Honorable Mention by the Palm Beach Post. Lastly, February 3rd is National Signing Day and we are proud to announce that Malik Ballard and Thomas Neal, and Jevaugh Codlin will be signing.

Sports Corner Continued

Thomas Neal committed to Robert Morris defensive back and Jevaughn Codlin has signed with Kansas! Sagine Milliance placed 11th in 154 pounds girls weight lifting in Sebring. The girls basketball team received their 2A District Runner-Up trophy today.

National Signing Day is on February 3rd

Please congratulate Thomas Neal and Jevaughn Codlin as they will be signing with College Teams! We wish our star athletes all the best as they move onto their college careers.

Drop Everything & Read!

Beacon Afterschool has implemented the D.E.A.R. program from 3:45-4:30. Teachers please be reminded to send home student's reading baggies or take home books in their backpacks. Our students are enjoying it! Parents please read daily with your child.

Head Start is Awarded PNC Grant!

Village Academy will be the recipents of the PNC STEAM Grant ! This is a grant to enhance science, math , arts education for our Head Start students. This grant will also include science exploration opportunities that will be provided to the students as well as professional development sessions for teachers. A press conference was hosted to celebrate and kick off this great opportunity. VA had several guests visitors the District, County , and lots of news media to commemorate this accomplishment. Thanks to Cheryl Williams and the Head Start Team, and all staff members for their hard work!

Tutorial is Under Way!

Tutorial is under way for elementary and secondary students. Letters have been mailed to parents informing them of the opportunity for their child to receive tutoring services. We are stepping into high gear to prepare students for the FSA in the next 3 and a half months. Let's be ready together. Parents YOU can do the following:

  • Encourage students to study and review
  • Show interest in your student's work and encourage them to be focused
  • Ask questions about what they are learning
  • Encourage writing....have students start a journal
  • Plan time and space for study

Incorporating technology to promote mastery using Ten Marks in centers: Ms. Hornedo's Class

Ms. Deale's Class Celebrates the 100th Day of School!

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Ms. Hornado's Class Wins the 500 Point Counts for Reading Counts

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Senior Night Celebrating our Senior Athletes!

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Village Academy Signing Day!