Nate Schinderle


There are more than 200 million children working jobs daily around the world. Brian Schinderle was one of these children. Imagine working illegally in a dangerous job to help support your family. Brian has grown up to forget his difficult pass and become a loving and inspirational individual. Please enjoy.

What is a hero?

The typical idea of a hero is a soldier serving our country, a firefighter saving children, or a superhero saving the world. Yes these people are all heroes, but there are also many heroes we didn't realize could be everyday people. A hero can be a man supporting his family, a hero can be a cancer patient fighting through their second surgery, a hero can be a man giving money to the homeless, anyone can be a hero. A hero is a person who gives back to others and who is inspiring people everyday, not just someone who saves people.

How is Eleanor Roosevelt a Hero Like Brian?

Life is always changing, at anytime a miracle or a disaster can happen. When a disaster hit FDR and left him with polio, it looked like his life was over. Instead of being devastated and depressed his wife, Eleanor Roosevelt, helped her husband in every way. She would travel around the country taking her husband's responsibilities. She would inspire the troops or help with his nation changing movement. A hero is a person who gives back and inspires others; Eleanor easily fits these both, as she is a true hero.

Child labor legalization.

More than 150 million children around the world are working jobs daily (International Labour Organization). Many of these jobs are dangerous. Many of these children are underpaid and abused. Many of these children are not getting an education. When thinking of child labor many bad ideas come to mind, but they don’t need to. Children have been working since the beginning of mankind, only in the 19th century children were not allowed to work in factories, but children still worked other jobs. Working other jobs children continued to help financially. Child labor should be legalized in America for children over eight years of age in non-hazardous conditions.

Poem for you.

Roses are red

Violets are blue

This is a poem just for you

You have been there since day one

Each and everyday has been so much fun,

And I'm proud to call myself your son

You are my hero

I loved you since I was Zero

I think that you're cooler than Robert De Niro

You have always been there when I was sad

You might have been the reason I have gotten mad,

But I couldn't have asked for a better dad

I'm the cub and you're the lion

Without you I'd be dyin'

I love you Brian