Roaring Voices Review

Tamanend's Literary Magazine

Fall 2021 Edition

Returning back to school after a long, hot summer is always a special feeling. This year is even more special because Tamanend welcomes back their full student body, for the first time in over a year! Even though students are still required to wear masks and wash hands frequently, we're all back together. The feeling is definingly one of energetic renewal. So as you scroll, read and look at everything we've put together, remember the renewal and revival this edition reflects on.

~The RVR Editors

*Please note that the students who have written poems to accompany other students' photography, have both been credited!*

Coraline by Madison Oh

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Rising from the Ashes: The Phoenix by Shweta Sharma

The phoenix is an immortal bird that has been depicted differently in various cultures’ mythology. It is popularly associated with Harry Potter, due to its significance in the story. There are multiple stories, but the idea is that the phoenix dies, and then reincarnates itself from the ashes of its predecessor, therefore “rising from the ashes”. It was usually considered good luck to see a phoenix because they were an indication that a wise leader was in charge, and the rebirth of them often signifies the beginning of a new era. The tears of a phoenix are thought to heal and contain special abilities that can be accessed by humans. Multiple cultures tell the story of the phoenix in their own ways, but there is a common theme that is related to the concept of revival.

Fall Poem by Adit Podduturi and Jayani Yate

It’s that time of the year

Spooky season is finally here

The touch of the chilly morning air

The scent of spices everywhere

Pumpkins growing in a patch

Haunted hayrides are a blast

Tricks and treats await

Scary monsters take the bait

Autumn is making its way around the place

Days are getting shorter

As nights are getting longer

Let’s celebrate this time of year

The season of fall is now here

Midnight by Genevieve Peranteau

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Winnie the Pooh Artwork by Layla Wood

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Inevitable Change by Varunikha Satheesh

Time flies.

One minute

We were young

Enjoying our world

Limited to the swingsets and slides

Dolls and action figures

Bright colors filled our minds

The sky was bright blue

the sun was prominent

Shining a light onto our small minds.

Our ambitions reached no limits

And our laughter filled the warm air.

Our worries were nothing.

We were clueless

Sitting on the swings

Feeling the wind whistle in our ears

Without a care in the world.

Now we sit on that exact swing.

Dragging our legs back and forth

On the dirt, tediously

While wondering what happened

To the once entrancing world

Of our childhood,

We longed for those days

That was washed away in the stream of maturity.

Our world now is only filled with

Stress, expectations, and pain.

Our eyes damage themselves

Staring at the bright screens

As we struggle to pass school

Struggle to stand tall

In this cruel world

Of social standings and power.

Our once shining eyes,

Are now dull with calculation and greed

Greed for the power of superiority.

Our once bright minds

Is now tainted with the scars of growing up.

Our once amazing dreams

Is now just imaginations,

Impossible to happen.

And the once joyful ambitious kid

Is now a dull teenager,

Drowning in this corrupt society

Sunsets by Shweta Sharma

Tim Burton Inspired Art by Jayani Yate

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White Lies by Araiza Del Toro Amaya

So quiet.

Why is it that I can’t see light?

Dreaming I must be.

Remaining motionless is all it can do, it doesn’t speak, it’s not visible. Watching from afar is better work for it. As it is useless otherwise. World is no more, life has lost its meaning, all are the ruins of what used to be.

What are dreams anyway?

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Graffiti Highway by Araiza Del Toro Amaya

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Renaissance Faire by Stephanie Bartfeld

On October 6th, 2021, seventh grade visited the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. According to everyone, it was a great field trip. I can totally agree! There were entertaining shows, scrumptious food, games, and so much more. The shows I saw were the Human Chess Match and the Tournament Joust. I purchased a huge pickle on a stick, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and cotton candy, and they were all so tasty. I also ate the food I packed with me which consisted of a turkey sandwich, a cereal bar, and an apple.

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Renaissance Faire (Queen Elizabeth) by Malaika Khan

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Haiku by Angelina Iskander

Into my classroom

Greeting my teacher hello

Then out the door I go

Tim Burton Inspired Art by Rachel Thomas

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Her Crystal Blue Eyes by Maeve Logue-Conroy

These milk jugs are heavy. Not like there’s much I can do about it. But my mother, the rotting flesh-bucket that she is, makes me drag myself out of bed at 5 in the morning every single day to fetch food from the marketplace and take back last week’s milk jugs. I don’t think she realizes that the jugs are 10 pounds each and we live at the bottom of a steep hill.

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Nature by Varunikha Satheesh

Personality by Maeve Logue-Conroy

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Rain by Pranav Pradeep

Angry rumbling clouds bellowing in the sky,

The world covered with the thick, humid air of the bay;

The world stands still, the moody clouds roaring and grumbling in reply.

“Pitter patter”,

Droplets of rain race to the ground, sending streaks into the dreary day;

The rust orange mountains fade away as the rain curtains the view, like the ending of a play,

Palm trees waving in the downpour, searching for sunlight in their dismay.

The asphalt is a dance floor, thousands of droplets rippling throughout,

Streams of water rushing to the gutters, gliding down they flow,

More and more water rushes, the sky is an endless spout,

From the mountains above, rain pours to the valleys below.

Cat & Dog by Rachel Thomas

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Greenery by Shweta Sharma

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City by Shweta Sharma

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School Pictures by Shrinithaa Elangovan

Tamanend by Eepsitha Popuri and Sai Patel