The Educator Hive Guidelines

Updated October 11, 2018


This document describes the community guidelines for the Smore Educator community (also known as The Educator Hive). Please make sure you understand these guidelines before submitting any content.

Remember that the Smore team is here to help Educators like yourself. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

1. Purpose

The purpose of the Community is for Educators to share content and resources with each other. Educators create newsletters that could be helpful for other Educators, and we've created the Community to facilitate collaboration between Educators in good faith.

2. Description

The Community consists of the following parts:

  1. Submission form:
    Educators can submit their best newsletters for review. This can be done by going to your newsletter while you're logged in, and using the "Share with Educators" button.
  2. Moderation:
    Submitted newsletters will be moderated by the Smore team. If they are deemed appropriate and helpful, they will be featured in the Community.
  3. Community Boards:
    Featured newsletters will appear on the community boards, split up into categories. Educators can "like" newsletters, or use them as templates.

3. Participation

Only active, paying Educators can submit or access content on the community. This includes Educators that are part of an Organization account on Smore. The community boards and the content within will not be featured on any search engines or displayed publicly on Smore.

4. Appropriate content

Content shared in the community should be Education-oriented, and should aim to assist other Educators. While Smore maintains the right to moderate content and feature it at its discretion, here are a few guidelines to help with choosing which content to submit:

  1. Appropriate subject matter
    Content should be Education related. This includes presentations, resource lists, templates for invitations, homework assignments, etc.
  2. No commercial content
    Newsletters advertising any commercial interest will not be featured.
  3. No private information
    Please make sure that no private information, especially about minors and other community members is present in your newsletters. This includes links, photos, videos, embedded content and event invites as well.
  4. Appropriate language
    Newsletters with profane language will not be featured.
  5. No copyrighted content
    Do not include any content owned by a 3rd party unless you have explicit permission from the 3rd party to include the content there. In case of a mistake, Smore may remove the newsletter entirely or edit it to remove the offending content.

4. Privacy

  1. Only paying Educators may access community content. This includes Educators using an Organization account with Smore.
  2. Your name, school (or other institution), profile picture, and location will be shared in the content you submit.
  3. Your description of your content will be shared with the newsletter you submit.
  4. Smore may send anonymous usage information to 3rd parties for analytics purposes.

5. Submission guidelines

  1. Use the "Share with Educators" button on your newsletter's preview page to open the submission form.
  2. Note that once you submit your newsletter, if you make edits to it, those edits will not be reflected in your submission. Try to polish and edit your newsletter as much as possible before submitting it.
  3. Make sure to pick the most appropriate category for your newsletter.
  4. Write a helpful description. This will be featured alongside your newsletter for others to see.
  5. The Smore team will review your submission, but it may take a few weeks to do so.
  6. Please do not contact Smore support about your newsletter's status, as we cannot guarantee that you will be featured or when.

6. Moderation

  1. Once you submit a newsletter, a copy of it will be made so that the Smore team can moderate and feature it.
  2. Newsletters not adhering to the submission guidelines, or that the Smore team feels are inappropriate for any other reason will not be featured.
  3. Smore does not guarantee that any newsletter will be featured, or that newsletters will be moderated by any given time frame.
  4. A Smore team member may contact you with questions regarding your submission. Contact will happen through your account email.

7. Content ownership

  1. While your newsletters are owned by you, newsletters submitted to the Smore community will be owned by Smore.
  2. Smore will not use community submitted newsletters for commercial purposes.
  3. Community newsletters will be freely available to Educators on Smore.