Vending Machines in Schools

By: Bailey Smith, Faith Tye, & Corbin Kappes

Nutrition in Schools

For many students, back to school means back to a vending machine diet," ("Another"139). Eating off of this diet can lead to current and future health problems. Vending machines in school appear to be taking a toll on public health, due to encouragement of eating unhealthy foods.

Kids are Pressured to Buy Food From Vending Machines

When kids are constantly seeing vending machines in schools, they are more tempted to buy. "Vending machines are found in 16% of elementary schools, 52% of middle schools, and 88% of high schools," ("Another" 139). This proves that more than half of schools in the U.S. have vending machines, causing even more unhealthy diet.

Most Vending Machines Offer Unhealthy Foods

"In regard to snacks, 80% of those available were candy, chips, or sweet baked goods, and of those 9,723 total snack slots surveyed, only 26 slots offered a fruit or a vegetable," ("Unhealthy" Medscape). Kids don't have an opportunity to buy healthy foods because mostly unhealthy foods are offered.

Vending Machine Choices Lead to Future Health Problems

Too much sugar is unhealthy. "Soda is a classic vending machine treat, but it's also one of the most unhealthy choices," ("High" Demand). All the sugar in soda can lead to health issues.

Eating too Much of These Foods can Lead to Obesity and Health Problems

"Childhood obesity resulting from poor dietary choices such as those found in this study, greatly increases the risk for many chronic diseases," ("Vending" Natural). Childhood obesity can lead to death at a younger age, and possibly cancer.

Kids Mostly Have Unhealthy Choices and are Raised to Choose Them

As kids, their snack options affect their choices in the future. "The foods that kids are exposed to early on in life influence the pattern for their eating habits as adults," ("Vending" Natural). What children eat as they grow up is what they get used to and will choose as an adult. This means the problems will just continue.

Vending Machines Make it Harder for Kids to Make Healthy Choices

"Having unhealthy foods and sugar sweetened beverages in vending machines make it harder for people to make healthy choices," ("Confirmed" Prevent). With all the temptation to buy unhealthy foods, kids will be more likely to buy it, and then it will just become a habit.
Due to the encouragement of unhealthy foods, vending machines seem to be taking a toll on public health, as specially to kids in schools. Are vending machines leading you to make unhealthy decisions that effect your health?