Anti Bullying

By: Catia & Maria

Physical Bullying

Physical bullying is when a bully comes face to face with you and deliberately hurts or abuses you for a reason or simply just to make themselves feel better. Some examples of this can be punching, hitting, slapping, pinching and tripping.

The effects of physical bullying is bruises and marks from being hit, punched and kicked they might come home with ripped clothing e.t.c

Verbal Bullying

Verbal bullying is people judging other people for their physical appearances. Verbal bullying can be seen as things like calling names, insults, teasing or being racist for other people’s culture.

The effects of verbal bullying is: After the bullying, the victim may look at themselves from a different image from what they saw themselves as before. They may look at themselves as not perfect. (fat, too skinny, dark skinned, nerd. e.t.c)

Hidden Bullying

Hidden bullying is the most common type of bullying because no one recognises that it is happening. Usually the Victim doesn’t even know that it's happening. Some examples of this can be things like rumours, negative comments, mimicking unkindly, excluding or backstabbing.

The effects of Hidden bullying: Some effects of hidden bullying are The victim may start to feel ignored by his/her friends, they may start to feel lonely, they may start to feel sad and depressed, they may start to feel like nobody likes them.


Cyberbullying can be on your phone, ipad, Computer etc. There is no escape from it and most people get anxiety or depression from it as an effect. Some things a bully can send to the victim are mean and hurtful texts, hurtful word directed at you deliberately embarrassing and inappropriate images or videos.

The effects of cyberbullying are: The victim may feel stressed, the victim's daily life patterns may change, they might look at themselves from a different image, Cyberbullying may lead the victim to thoughts about taking drugs, drinking alcohol and even suicide.

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Effects of bullying

Bullying can affect people in many ways such as depression (mental health), drugs, alcohol e.t.c, and suicidal attempts. targets of bullying can be students may not like school and feel disconnected from school, lack of friendships, could also cause sleeping problems because the target may get very worried, the bullying may take over the victim's school life and it may be hard for he/she to concentrate at school. Bullying can affect victims emotional, mental and physical well being. If you are being bullied for a long time it can affect you for a long time.

Strategies for dealing with bullying

-Avoid the bully. Know when to walk away from the bully.

-Use a defense line like “leave me alone” and walk away.

-Have a friend by your side when the bully starts to pick on you. the friend can also be a protective source. they can stick up for you.

-Find some websites that can help you with the bullying problem.

-Tell a responsible adult who you know you can trust, who can help you deal with the problem.

-Focus on the good things in life. (you have a home, you go to a school, you have an education and you have a family.)

-Go see a counselor, they can help you with the problem.

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Kids Helpline

Kids Helpline is a website that deals with bullying of all sorts. They are a 24 hour counselling service that you can access through by calling them or going to their website.


1800 55 1800

On their website they give you information about ‘What is Bullying’, ‘Different types of bullying’, ‘Effects of bullying’, ‘Talking about it’ e.t.c

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Stand Up, Stand Strong: The Consequence of Words (Student Produced)