Every Child Should Have Phone

By: Cam Burgess


Do you want your child hurt? Imagine that your child is locked out of the house after school. Or your child is waiting for a friend to pick them but the friend forgets. If your child does not have a cell phone and they are in this situation he/she may be in danger. Would you want your child in this situation? I don't think so.

Why Buy?

Well I think you should get your child a phone because...

1. In an emergency situation a phone can save a life.

2. A phone will show how responsible your child is.

3. A phone can be used for entertainment.

4. If a child's parents are divorced they can stay in touch with the parent they don't live with.

5. If there is a car wreak or a shooting or another situation where someone is in need you can easily contact someone.

6. Your child can easily find information on the web.

7. Your child can listen to music to help your child focus.

8. Kids feel more comfortable with a phone because they can easily communicate.

9. Your child can easily communicate with classmates about a project.

10. You can save money by using a cellphone rather than a land line and canceling the land line.

11. Your child can strengthen family bonds with easy communication.

What Phone Should You Get?

Imagine your child is in an emergency situation where one second can cost a lot. If your child has a slow phone your child may be hurt because of a slow phone. So what I am trying to say is if you get your child a phone you should get he/she a fast phone for example an iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. In one day if your child has a fast phone in total that phone save an amazing 1-2 hours of time. Now for a slow phone in total it can take 1-2 hours of wasted time loading, downloaded or turning on. If you get your child a phone I recommend an iPhone 6 Plus because of speed, long battery life and the size of the screen for easy typing and Touch ID or an iPhone 5s because of speed, battery life and Touch ID.


Did you know that children can actually be bored to death? Should your child have games on his/her phone? I think so. If your child is bored and has nothing to do he/she can play on their phone, if you are bored you are not thinking and that causes brain cells to be damaged. If you allow your child to have games make sure you limit their gameplay time. To much can cause vision disorientation and kill brain cells. But if you child has no games they might be bored and that also causes brain damage. So I think you should allow games but limit your child's game time.

What About Texting While Driving?

If your child is driving somewhere with his or her phone you may be worried that your child will be on there phone while driving. Don't worry anymore. There is a phone monitoring app you can download. This app is called Phonesheriff. You can monitor what app your child is on, when the phone is on and who they are texting or calling. If your child is on their phone while they are driving send them a text telling them not to answer back to the text you sent them and tell them to get off their phone.


Now check out some mind blowing statistics!


So I think that your child should have a phone, for solving boredom, saving a life and other reasons. To review, if your child has a phone limit game time, monitor their phone and the recommend phone is an iPhone 6 Plus. Thank you and I hope you soon are going to an Apple store and leaving with an iPhone 6 Plus for you child and their safety. Every child should have a phone.
Go to www.govote.at and use the code 57 75 43