Ms. Ward's 1st Grade

Week 5

This week has been very productive. We have made a lot of progress in daily 5 (see below) and the students even worked together to get a paperclip party! They voted on a prize, and today we celebrated with a movie at lunchtime. They have already started a new paperclip chain and are well on their way to another prize. What a thoughtful and helpful class we have this year : )

Daily 5 (NOW DAILY 5!!)

This week we made it to the FIFTH daily 5!! The students are very excited to start Listen to Reading, a way for them to practice their reading fluency. Next week, as the students build their stamina in the five elements of the Daily 5, I will be building skills with small groups of students to meet individual needs.


This week in math we learned about number grids, which show the numbers in order from 0 to 100. The number gird will be useful for working with larger numbers. We also are beginning to familiarize ourselves with addition. This week, we began learning the sums to 10. We are also getting reacquainted with calculators as a tool for adding.

Next week, your child will be learning to tell time to the hour as well as learning new games to practice estimation, comparing numbers, and addition and subtraction.


This week in literacy we continued we continued to work on punctuation, capitalization and speaking in complete sentences. We also introduced story elements, and are working on retelling a story. Next week, we will culminate our unit on Friday with an assessment. The students will be asked to rewrite sentences using capital letters, add correct punctuation to the end of sentences, and use capital letters appropriately.

Next week, our Poet-Tree poem will be called Retell the Story. It will help the students to remember what the story elements are. Homework on Monday is poem practice. Please note that students will not need to turn the poem practice worksheets in. They are for them to use at home for practice only.


This week we focused on the 6 stages of life. The students used baby photos to discuss characteristics that change as we grow and ones that stay the same. They also used this idea to project an older image of themselves and write about things that will change or stay the same. Next week, we focus on nutrition and healthy habits, and finish our unit on people with a test on Friday.

our STAR!

Terry Kim is our star student next week! His birthday is Friday, September 20. If you see him around next week, be sure to wish him a very happy birthday!


MAP testing continues on Monday and Tuesday of next week.

RAZ Kids is a great option for daily reading at home. If you have any questions about login information, please do not hesitate to ask.

Thanks so much!

Ms. Ward : )