Beyonce Knowles

Biography By: Sa'Nyia B


Beyonce, as you know as Beyonce Giselle Knowles is a exciting,joyful and brave woman is a artist from Houston TX she was born on September 4, 1981, she started singing and dancing at a early age with her younger sister Solange Knowles they competed in community talent shows and did events with singing and dancing. Every since Beyonce was a little girl she has always had positive effect on society and a great effect on people and the world, she inspires a lot of people including me on her beauty and the things she overcomed.
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Early Childhood

From her early childhood Beyonce wanted to be more than a performer she wanted to be a Star. At age 21 she reached her goal , she was world famous not just singing but acting, after doing great with the R&B group Destiny's Child. She broke out on her own releasing her solo. In love in 2003 with her single ''Crazy in Love'' with her boyfriend Jay-Z was one of the biggest hits in 2003. Year later her and her sister Solange Knowles did a hit single that was a summer hit
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Why I chose this person

Me, myself chose Beyonce because she is a terrific, excellent, and overcoming person I love all of her songs and her personality and her beauty, she would take different risks in her life with 100% confidence she didn't care would people think of her all she cared about is her life and her dreams, so that's what she did she beat her goal and right now the present she's still doing that.

Interesting Facts

  • Beyonce was born on September 4, 1981 age (33)
  • High school for the performing and usual arts
  • Married her husband Jay-Z and had a baby named Blue Ivy (age 3)
  • full name Beyonce Gissele Knowles
  • favorite color is brown
  • favorite sport is flag football

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