Athletic Trainer


Nature of work

  • We work in schools,on sport teams in an office,and sometimes in a hospital
  • We assess and treat the injuries,help athletes maintain physical health,and teach people how to prevent injuries
  • You need to work well with kids and adults, you need to be healthy,and physically fit
  • You bend and stand a lot
  • You also reach a lot and you should be in good physical shape


  • You need a four year bachelors degree in athletic training
  • Most athletic trainers have a Phd or a masters degree
  • Physical education and physical sciences are very important

Personal Impression

  • The best parts of this career are working with kids
  • Being apart of a team,being acting
  • working with other people


  • We get paid 26,000 to 65,000 dollars a year
  • With a medium income of 41,000
  • Our entry wage in 33,660
  • We also get paid sick days