The Miao People

The culturally rich minority of southern China

Ethnic Clothes

The bright, colorful, festive clothes worn by the Miao people are generally made of cotton or silk. They are worn during festivals, sacrificial rituals, and weddings. These outfits are known as "a history book worn on the body" to express the traditional aspect of Miao culture.

Traditional Festivals

The Miao people celebrate many spiritually based, cultural festivals. They celebrate the Dragon Boat festival, Pure Brightness festival, and the New Rice Tasting festival. During the New Rice festival, the Miao people express their gratitude for the harvest.

Miao Cuisine

The stable food of the Miao people is rice. Other dishes such as meat and acidic soup are enjoyed by the Miao people. Pickled vegetables, hot seasonings and home-made wines are also common. Glutinous rice is a must during festivals and celebrations.

Miao culture Crafts

The Miao people are very skilled at hand-crafts, such as weaving, paper-cutting, batik, and are especially adept at embroidering and jewelry. Their patterns are known to be colorful, complicated and delicate. Such crafts are taught at a very young age and girls become quite skilled by the time they reach their teen years.